Save Your Home

Mortgage Default and Delinquency Prevention Counseling

PCCA’s experienced, Certified Housing Counselors provide one-on-one mortgage default and delinquency prevention counseling. Our goal is to prevent foreclosure and loss of your home to Sheriff Sale. PCCA gives you an overview of the foreclosure process in Pennsylvania as well as information about the City of Philadelphia’s Diversion Court Process. The Housing Counselors are also familiar with various State and Federal programs to help distressed homeowners. In the appointment, we will review your current financial situation, credit, mortgage statements and all other financial statements to help identify the events that caused the mortgage problem. From there we will help you create a proposal or recommendation to your lender to cure your default or delinquency.

PCCA’s Counselors will work closely with you and your bank/lender to identify the best options to help resolve your mortgage problem and avoid foreclosure and Sheriff Sale. If applicable, PCCA may refer you to social service agencies for additional help to resolve other matters that may have led to the mortgage problem.

Some of the other topics covered during your confidential appointment include the following:

  • Creating a Hardship Letter or Letter of Circumstances
  • How to prepare a crisis household budget
  • Balancing savings and spending habits to afford your new monthly obligations
  • Information on PA Foreclosure Prevention tools including state loan programs (HEMAP)
  • How to respond to foreclosure notices (ACT 91/ACT 6 Notice of Intent to Forelcose)